After 30 years of television and creative, Dwyer Productions had a portfolio of work that needed an elegant and simple solution to communicate the breadth of work to potential clients.

TPD created a responsive website that's fun to click around and see the beautiful imagery created over the years.


The client wanted to target a diverse range of potential customers for their premium CBD caramels, including socio-economically and culturally diverse potential audiences.

TPD created a brand/design that was exceptionally clean, easy to identify, and neutral (white text on basic black background). As a pilot, we developed Spanish-language versions of the content using professional translators with marketing experience (not word-for-word). Plans are still pending for other cultural marketing versions such as a Chinese-language version.


The client wanted to reach an untapped Hispanic market in the bay area.

TPD created a integrated multilingual campaign that worked across billboards, postcards, email, youtube and website.


The client wanted to capitalize on the young exploding cannabis market in the bay area with an integrated lead generation campaign appealing to affluent Chinese canna-curious audience.

TPD created a unique integrated branding campaign using motifs from classic money engraving flourishes to create an elevated look that worked across billboards, postcards, online banners, youtube, and SEO.


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